RSA Competency Cards

Student after her Competency Card interview
Emily completing an RSA Competency Card application

What is a Competency Card?

In NSW, an RSA Competency Card is essentially a license. It shows that you've completed the state regulatory course - Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA). To complete an RSA course you need to find an approved RSA provider, such as us.

Interim Certificate vs Competency Card

Once you've completed an RSA course you'll receive a temporary RSA certificate, known as an RSA Interim Certificate. The purpose of which is to allow you to start work while you wait for your RSA Competency Card to be ready.

It's important to remember that your Interim Certificate is only valid for 90 days. An expiry date is clearly listed on page one of the certificate. You'll need to arrange a Competency Card interview with a participating Service NSW outlet. The interview will allow you to: apply for an RSA Competency Card and verify your details with the attendant (using proof of identification documents).

Competency Card Interviews

To book a Competency Card interview with a Service NSW outlet, you can:

When planning for your RSA Sydney Competency Card interview, it's important to remember

  • The Competency Card takes 2-3 weeks to arrive in the mail after your competency card interview
  • There is NO fee associated with the interview
  • If you have both an RSA and RCG interim certificate then you only need to bring one with you
  • Not all Service NSW centres will process this type of request, make sure you check and book a spot online using the Service NSW Service Centre Locator.
  • Even if you're interim certificate is expired you can still attend a Competency Card interview
  • You must bring 100 points of ID with you to the interview

100 Points of Identification

When attending your RSA Competency Card interview with Service NSW you must bring with your 100 points of ID. 

Primary Identification - 70 points / document

  • Australian passport (current, or expired within the last 2 years) 
  • Foreign passport (current) 
  • Australian birth certificate (not an extract) 
  • Australian citizenship certificate.

Secondary Identification - 40 points / document

You may not provide more than two secondary documents. 

  • Licence issued in Australia (Driver, Learner Permit, Boat Operator, Firearms and Security) 
  • Foreign Driver Licence (with photo and text in Roman alphabet)
  • Proof of age card/NSW photo card (government issued)

Additional Identification Options - 25 points / document

A max number of 3 additional Secondary documents can be presented and each must be issued by a different institution.

  • Australian tertiary education institution photo identity card 
  • Foreign tertiary education ID card (with photo and text in Roman alphabet) 
  • Utility bill or council rate notice (less than 3 months old) 
  • Medicare card 
  • Insurance documents (home, vehicle, health)
  • Property lease/rental agreement/rent receipt
  • Motor vehicle registration documents 
  • Australian WorkCover licence 
  • Tax assessment notice 
  • National police certificate 
  • Social security, health care or pension card (Centrelink or DVA) 
  • Financial institution/bank passbook, statement or debit/credit card.