Grievance Handling


The following provides Students with a framework and guide when having to deal with grievances. HTA has prepared these measures as a means to have problems experienced by a Student addressed immediately, effectively, professionally and maintaining confidentiality.

HTA policies provide an avenue for grievances to be addressed. However, HTA is aware that in some cases alternative measures need to be explored because of individuals and the merits of each case. HTA policy is to acknowledge the need to address each case on its merits.

It is HTA’s policy to encourage the parties to approach a grievance with an open view and to attempt to resolve problems through discussion and conciliation.

Where a grievance cannot be resolved through discussion and conciliation, HTA acknowledge the need for an appropriate, external and independent agent to mediate between the parties.

All grievances are to be acknowledged in writing within 7 days of advice of the grievance.

All appellants will be provided with a written statement of the appeal outcomes and reasons for the outcomes.


A. Student appeal against assessment results

Should a Student be assessed as ‘Not Yet Competent’ in any performance criteria they are to be provided the opportunity to be reassessed. A time for reassessment is to be set.

In the event that a Student is again assessed ‘Not Yet Competent’ and if a Student believes that he/she has not received a fair and accurate assessment of the performance criteria then the following measures are to be followed in the sequence set out.

  1. Student to discuss with HTA’s Trainer assigned to the Student areas of concern with assessment given for:
    1. Individual written work
    2. Project work
    3. Group and individual presentation work
    4. Tests



A record of Appeal Against Results form is to be submitted to the HTA trainer.

If after discussing the problem with the Trainer the Student still believes that the matter requires investigation, then the next measure is:

  1. To bring the matter before the PEO of HTA for further discussion and coordination.

If the matter cannot be resolved by HTA’s PEO then the next measure is:

  1. To discuss the matter with the Student’s employer and immediate supervisor. If deemed appropriate the parties will review the initial assessment and identify an alternative assessment method against the learning outcomes.
  2. When the appeal has been resolved, a written statement advising the appellant of the outcome and reasons for the outcome will be given to the appellant.

If at this stage the parties cannot come to an agreement, HTA will request that the Student formally appeals to the state training body to receive a completely independent review.


Grievances between the Student, employer/supervisor & work colleague

In matters of dispute involving the Student’s grievances with work colleagues, HTA will not become involved or intervene unless the matter has a direct bearing on the Student’s competencies.

In circumstances, which do not effect the Student’s competencies, HTA will initially bring the matter to the attention of the Student’s employer and request that the matter be dealt through the internal policies and procedures of the employer’s establishment.

In matters of dispute between the Student and the employer, HTA will only intervene if there is a direct impact on the Student’s competencies. If a Student has a grievance with his/her employer the matter is to be handled by applying the following measures:

  1. The Student should in the first instance attempt to resolve the grievance by discussing the matter with his/her employer. If an appropriate outcome is not achieved the Student should:
  2. Bring the matter to the attention of the HTA’s Trainer.
  3. HTA’s Trainer will contact the employer within 5 working days to discuss the matter with a view to achieve a resolution.
  4. If an appropriate outcome is not achieved then HTA’s Trainer will refer the matter to the PEO.
  5. After further discussion if the matter is not resolved then the parties will explore alternative measures which could include termination of the Student’s employment. If a termination occurs, HTA will inform the State Training Body and, if appropriate, the Tourism and Hospitality Industry Training Board. Where possible and if appropriate, HTA will attempt to find alternative placements for both parties.
  6. When the grievance has been resolved or an action has been established, a written statement advising the outcome and the reasons for the outcome will be forwarded to the Student.


Grievance associated between the Student and HTA’s Trainer and any other training personnel coordinated by HTA

If the grievance involves HTA’s Trainer and attempts to resolve the matter have been exhausted then both the Student and Trainer are:

  1. To refer the matter to HTA’s PEO by recording the grievance on a Grievance Incident Report Form.
  2. If the parties are unable to resolve the issues then the matter can be taken to HTA’s Board of Directors for resolution.

If the grievance is between training personnel coordinated by HTA and the Student then the matter is to be addressed as follows:

  1. The Student is to refer the grievance to the HTA Trainer for resolution and a Grievance Incident Report form is to be completed.
  2. If the matter cannot be resolved, HTA’s PEO may intervene.

In all instances where an external training personnel is involved in a grievance the matter must be reported to HTA’s Training Coordinator

  1. When the matter is resolved, a written statement will be given to the appellant outlining the outcomes and reasons for the outcomes of the complaint.


Grievance amongst Students while participating in in-Centre Training

HTA’s policy is to provide and maintain a conducive learning environment for all Students. HTA will not allow the learning environment to be jeopardised by certain actions and behaviours of individuals/groups. HTA has developed specific policies and procedures for Students to adhere to during workplace based Training.